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We’ve been delivering Halifax news and lifestyle content over social media channels longer than anyone else.

Hyperlocal is in our DNA.

Established in 2008, we’re a multi-media news and lifestyle publication that connects residents of Halifax with what’s happening in their city. We pioneered the syndicated hyperlocal blog concept in Halifax, and we’re still going strong. Some of the city’s brightest and best local writers have called our pages home.

Our network of brands are dominated with local news, traffic reporting, entertainment, and more. Our followers are loyal and engaged, and hundreds of them are key social influencers in the area. With a sharp focus on local information, relevant content and quick delivery, no other local media organization is as nimble as us.

Haligonia was born on the web, but we live and breathe social. Hundreds of thousands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram get their breaking news fix from our family of social media feeds. (More than 500,000 followers strong!)

While we call Halifax Nova Scotia our home, we work hard to bring you the latest from around the Province as well. Some of the city’s brightest and best local social media influencers got their start with Haligonia, and have went on to become some of the biggest hyperlocal voices in the area.

Some of the city’s brightest and best local bloggers and influencers got their start with Haligonia, and have went on to become some of the biggest hyperlocal voices in the area.

We connect advertisers with one of the most engaged online communities in Halifax, and throughout Nova Scotia.

Our Trusted Partners

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Media Services

Our custom content team is second-to-none. We can work with you to produce engaging featured articles, contests or video content that fits the needs of your campaign.

Content is promoted on all our social channels to an audience of over 500,000 engaged followers.

Featured articles get prominent placement on Haligonia.ca, reaching an audience of over 750,000 unique monthly visitors. 

We were one of the first outlets to offer branded content to clients in the Halifax market. Our work has become the gold standard for quality, reach and engagement.

Home Page Takeover

With averaging 25,000 daily traffic page views, this is our equivalent to the front page wrap of local print products.

Your brand has the opportunity to take over our site and every page of our site, with a live link, for maximum exposure. Also included is the leaderboard and big box banners above the fold, run-of-site

Media Packages

We offer a variety of pre-built packages, with options that fit most campaigns. Don’t see what you need? No sweat. We’ll work with you to create a custom solution to fit your campaign and your budget.

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